WACV 2024 : Waikoloa Hawaii

WACV 2024 in Waikoloa, Hawaii, was more than a conference; it was an immersive journey into the evolving landscape of computer vision. From thought-provoking keynotes by visionaries like Dima Damen and Lihi Zelnik-Manor to enlightening fireside chats with Gerard Medioni, the event unfolded as a goldmine of knowledge and insights. This blog post captures the essence of this remarkable experience, diving into awards, orals, workshops, and engaging discussions on emerging topics like Generative AI, 3D vision, and Anomaly Detection. It was amazing to be part of an event that seamlessly blended intellectual pursuit with the beauty of Hawaii’s landscapes.

Neural RGB-D Surface Reconstruction

Neural RGBD Surface Reconstruction

In this episode of the Talking Papers Podcast, I hosted Dejan Azinović to chat about his paper “Neural RGB-D Surface Reconstruction”, published in CVPR 2022.