Surface fitting for 3D Point Cloud : DeepFit

DeepFit surface estimation for 3D point clouds pipeline

We propose a method for 3D point cloud surface fitting. This method, called DeepFit, incorporates a neural network to learn point-wise weights for weighted least squares polynomial surface fitting.

CVPR 2019

Normal estimatoin for 3D point cloud poster

About three months ago, I hit one of my first career goals – have a paper accepted to CVPR (achievement unlocked ! ). Last week I had the privilege to present a poster of our work on normal estimation for unstructured 3D point clouds using CNNs at CVPR 2019 in Long Beach California (16-20.6.19). In […]

How to Visualize Normal Vectors on 3D Point Clouds

This post will show you a good way to visualize normal vectors on 3D point clouds. At the beginning of my master’s degree, I was working on a project where I used normal vectors on 3D point clouds to perform 3D point cloud over-segmentation. One of the first things I did was to try and […]