3D Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation using Modified Fisher Vector for CNN – Omek 3D Academia Conference

This Wednesday (27.12.17) I gave a talk in the  Omek-3D academia conference about my work on 3D point cloud classification.  The conference took place at Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, Israel.

In a previous Omek-3D classification forum I presented some recent work on point cloud classification using deep learning, this time I presented our (Prof. Anath Fischer, Prof. Michael Lindenbaum and me) approach on the subject. This talk included a short primer about Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs), also available here,  a primer about Fisher Vectors (FV), which will also be available here soon, and a short description of our method which includes the 3DmFV representation, 3D point cloud classification network (3DmFV-Net), and part-segmentation extension. Our approach is presented in detail in our paper “3D Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation using 3D Modified Fisher Vector Representation for Convolutional Neural Networks”. Luckily, the amazing Ronit Schneor took some pictures exactly in the right slides (where I am presenting 3DmFV and 3DmFV-Net – see my hands ? ).

The conference had many great talks. I personally liked the following talks

We signed off the day with an amazing view of a Mediterranean sunset.