3D point cloud classification – a summary of useful links

This post aims to gather all of the useful links spread across multiple posts on the topic of 3D point cloud classification.

Recently we published a paper about 3D point cloud classification using our 3D modified Fisher Vector (3DmFV) representation and convolutional neural networks (CNNs).  I believe in making research accessible to everyone, therefore,  I wrote several posts on the subject. For everyone’s convenience (especially mine) here they all are in a bunch:

  1. 3D point cloud classification overview (recent work, September 2017)
  2. 3D point cloud classification using 3D modified Fisher Vectors – 3DmFV-Net.
  3. 3D modified Fisher Vectors (3DmFV) for 3D point clouds
  4. What are Fisher Vectors (FV) for 3D point clouds?
  5. What is a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM)? 
  6. 3DmFV-Net paper
  7. 3DmFV-Net preprint
  8. Code for 3DmFV-Net


I hope you find the information brought here useful. Don’t forget to cite my paper 🙂